How did our WORK begin?
Pickaway WORKS is about connections. Our WORK is centered on engaging educators, business and community to positively transform and grow our vibrant community.

This project began with some common themes in conversations we were having with local business and educators. Educators were at work to provide students with a 21st century education so the skills learned in school are applicable to future careers, but they spoke of a lack of information and opportunities for real world hands-on experiences for students in Pickaway County. Employers spoke of challenges in meeting hiring demands and a lack of 21st century skills in many of those who were hired.

After a series of workforce connections breakfasts, 40 community members participated in a formal strategic planning process. Educators and workforce leaders worked to vision how a community can engage schools and employers in relevant problem solving opportunities that provide purpose and life-long learning in our community. Pickaway WORKS was developed through this process.

Pickaway WORKS provides several ways in which business can engage with schools to create relevant pathways that connect local students with local workforce opportunities We invite you to join us in connecting students with the real world of work.

Together we can create...
AWARENESS: increased knowledge of local opportunities
ALIGNMENT: strong relationships between local educators and employers
RELEVANCE: connections between classroom work and the real world of work

We know that when students engage with their community, learning has meaning and becomes lifelong. We hope you will join us in our WORK!
Pickaway WORKS’ mission unites perfectly with that of Pickaway HELPS, with a specific focus on
engaging schools with local business and community to create authentic learning opportunities for students and
connecting classroom work
with the real world of work.
Pickaway HELPS has been collaborating with all four schools districts in the county for over 10 years promoting college and career readiness for Pickaway County students. Much progress has been made in improving the college-going rates in our county.
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Pickaway WORKS
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Christy Mills, Director
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